Friday, November 14, 2014

Quite while your ahead

We just finished running the last two trips of the year, we had seven trips to run, but the weather got us again so we had to cancel the last five days of fishing. The sad thing is that the two days preceeding the last two trips we ran had been canceled by us, due to the bad weather NOAA bad forecast. As it turned out the weather was great, and the fishing was even better. The first of the two days was a Saturday, it was a little tough fishing, but Sunday turned out to be the best day of the year! Turns out a giant ball of Poggies was being escorted around the Gulf by an equally large school of giant Yellowfin. The guys that got to fish it were rewarded with incredible catches! Capt. Josh Howard had 11 giants and the rest of the fleet had anywhere from 4-9 giants in the ice hole when the day was done. I really hated missing it all but the crew I had for those days had a two day drive to get to Venice, and when it came time for them to either head this way or throw in the towel, NOAA was saying it was a no go!? Frustrating!!!!
The two days we did get to run were absent of Poggie balls, and shrimp boats as its late enough that most of the shrimp are out o the marshes and offshore so we resorted to running long like we do all summer, but without the daily intell we have during the summer because we'd been land locked for over a week. We were all basically flying blind, and hoping for the best. We picked away at them the first day, and really struggled the second day .
All in all we had a great year, and caught lots of fish with great friends and anglers, just kind of sad to end such a good year on such a down note. Guess November is for Hunting! Now I remember why I don't like booking trips in November!!
Capt. Jerry Allen

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