Friday, December 12, 2014

Mostly hunting

It's been really nice getting to be home with my wife , and two boys. We had some really good duck hunts, and great Thanks giving! Our annual ritual for thanksgiving is to migrate to Fort Clark in Bractetville Tx. This place is very historic, and a great place to hang out, not to mention the fact it is overrun with deer! The highlights of the trip would have to be my Nephew got a really nice 8 point.....nice by any standard, but he's only 10 yrs old! Another highlight was my daughter in laws first Blackbuck antelope! Very nice. Now were back home, sausage is in the freezer, and duck hunting is again the main focus.
We haven't fished, and don't plan on it till maybe a few wahoo trips in January, and some Tuna/Wahoo trips in February.
I'm living the mild winter we are having this year, and hoping it continues. It seems like every year we have a mild winter the fishing kicks off much faster, and with a vengeance!!
We're heading back to deer camp after Christmas for more family time, and a little more sausage on the hoof.
Hope everyone has a great Christmas!!
Capt. Jerry Allen

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