Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gotta Love Venice

Gotta love Venice!!

We just finished up with a few days of fishing, and the last day was truly insane!!

The first couple of days were good, as we were finding plenty of Blacks,
AJ's, and the occasional Yellow, but Sunday just went off. We started the day off like usual, chasing the mobile FAD's, and finding plenty of Blacks. It didn't take too long before we had about all the Blacks we wanted, so we decided to take a lunch break. We were just drifting around, enjoying the day when I happened to look at the sounder. WOW!! We had fish all under the boat! We started feeding them, and the Blacks came up really fast, and then the Yellows showed. Lots of them, and all of them BIG!!! We put one bait out, and a Yellow swallowed it up. The crazy thing was that during the fight, all the other fish that had decided to live under our boat just followed us around. After putting the first one in the boat we started feeding the fish again, and yep, the Yellows were still there. Hooked another and followed him around , while all his buddies stayed with us. We put him in the boat and satrted the whole process over again, hooked another, and yep, the rest of them followed us. CRAZY!

About half way through the fight the XM weather alarm went off, telling us we had a front coming with 60 MPH winds, lightning, and hail so after getting our last little friend in the boat we headed North, leaving all our other new found freinds behind.

We wound up the day with 3 Yellows all over a 100lb, with the largest weighing in at 188lb. not to mention all the Blacks from earlier in the day.

The coolest thing came when we got back to the dock, only to find that everyone got on them. Capt Eddie had 2 over 100 lb with his largest going 224 lb, Capt Peace had one about 170lb, and Capt Bret had one about 150 lb!!

All in all we had 7 giant Yellows laying on the dock and it was 2:00 PM!!
Gotta love Venice.

Capt Jerry Allen

Fishing Report

We're still alive and doing well. Our boat's and camp are all good, and we finally got back on the water this past weekend. The shrimp boats are in place and they are holding some fish.... just not many Yellowfin. In two days of fishing, Capt Lee's 150lb Yellowfin was the one and only Yellowfin caught!? The boats seemed to have plenty of Bonita, Sharks, and a hand full of Blackin, but the only ones that seemed to be hungry were the Sharks. I hate it when that happens!

Saturday was so rough we really couldn't run farther than the boats , and after working them over for more than long enough we ran back into the relative safety of the West Delta and spent the rest of the day fishing for AJ's and Cobia. The AJ's were easy and hungry. Gotta love em!

The Cobia were around, but not in big numbers. I think we went 4 for 5 the first day, but those numbers should really improve, along with the shrimp boat fishing as soon as the coming cool fronts to drop the water temp.

Sunday the water was much better. We started the day off chasing the shrimp boats again (slow learners) with not much better luck than the day before. We had a couple of Blackfin in the box when we headed South. Not much better luck out that way either. I was on the radio with the other Captains , and it seemed like we were all trying to figure out where all the Yellowfin had gone to. We found out when we got back to the dock. Seemed like Capt. Willy B nailed them to the wall!! I was really glad to see them, just wished they would have been on my boat. I guess thats what happens when no ones been on the water for two weeks. The good news is that from here out we should be able to stay on them, and it wont be loing before the shrimp boats start paying off. Cant wait!!
Give us a call if you have the itch.

Capt Jerry Allen

Fishing Report

Its been a while since my last report, but the fishing is still very good out of Venice. The fish seem to be getting bigger than they were earlier in the year, and one place in particular has had some REALLY BIG fish hanging around. The other day we were there, and had several in the boat over 100lbs. when we hooked the a really big fish at 2:30 PM and finally pulled the hook at 6:00 PM!! We never got more than half our spool back!!

Our bait situation is much better as the "crack" finally showed up as well as Threadfin, so thats all good.

The Tuna aren't nearly as predictable as they were earlier as they seem to be here today and somewhere else tommorow, but all in all we are still able to stay on them and make a good day. We can keep AJ's again so it's always nice to stop and add them to the ice hole.
The craziest thing that has happened to us since the last report was a very close encounter with a VERY LARGE
shark. We were Tuna fishing when this shark decided he wanted one of the Tuna we were bringing along side the boat. We were in clean green water so visability was not the greatest, but we knew something was up when the Tuna we had been fighting decided he really wanted in the boat with us. He swam to the boat with enough speed that he actually breached the surface in easy gaffing range. Jimmy reached for him with the gaff, and out of the depths I saw a shark coming up that was so big that my first thought was "why would a whale shark want to eat our Tuna". The next thing I thought was " why does that whale shark have strips on it like a Tiger Shark!!!" Then I snapped. It was the biggest Tiger I have ever seen by far. Really cool.

I have some dates the last two weeks of August if you want to ride. Text message is always a good way to reach us.

Capt Jerry Allen

Fishing Report

We just finished up with a few trips and I'm glad to report the Tuna are still on the chew. The last day we fished the fish relocated without telling us , but we still found them so it's all good.

The craziest thing going on this summer seems to be the really big Tuna still running around. Most of the fish we are catching are the normal 40 - 70 lb fish, but there are more than a few studs running around out there. Capt. Eddie Burger put one in the boat that tipped the scale at 169lbs., and Captain Michael Pittman wound up with one that went 180lbs!!

The last day I fished we tossed the first two baits in the water only to have one of them inhaled seconds after hitting the water. I don't know how big this fish was because we never stopped it! It dumped a 30 wide on the first run!?!

The rip seems to be coming together every day and if you get on it in time there seems to be plenty of Dolphin and a Marlin amd Wahoo.

Red Snappers are always willing to take a ride on the boat, and they are a good way to top off the fish box at the end of the day.

If you want to ride give us a call or text me.

Capt. Jerry Allen

Fishing Report

The Tuna are still on the chew, Snapper season has been extended, the Marlin are still on an all out asault, and the Dolphin have finally made their appearance!!

The Tuna fishing might not be as fast and furious as it was prior to the storm, but what we may be lacking in total numbers we are way more making up for in SIZE! In the last five days we fished, we have caught at least one yellowfin over 100 lbs., not to mention the regular 50 to 70 lb fish.

The last two days we fished, the rip really got going good. As a matter of fact, the first day that it really went off big time, we came to a small section of it that was loaded with just about every species of fish you could think of. This spot on the rip was maybe only 300 yards long, but it had Tuna busting all over it, and Marlin knocking Dolphin into the sky just about everywhere you looked!! While we were making bait as fast as possible, a VERY LARGE Marlin started chasing a 30 lb Dolphin around, and the dolphin decided to use our boat to hide under. What a show!! With bait made, we pulled off the rip a way, and tossed a couple of baits out, A big bait for the Marlin, and a small bait for a Tuna. Both baits got creamed about the same time with a Tuna on the Tuna bait, and A giant Wahoo on the Marlin bait!?!?

The Wahoo turned out to be about 80lbs and the Tuna was about 60 lbs. The biggest Tuna we pulled off this spot was about 140lb.

Capt Mike Gray and Capt Beach were in the same spot with us, and Capt Mike wound up releasing a nice Blue and his biggest Tuna was 147lb.
Beach got dumped by one VERY LARGE Tuna, but managed to put several BIG Yellows in the box as well as a 62lb Dolphin!!!

The only problem with this place was we all got to it toward the end of the day, and we had to leave it while it was still going off in order to get back to the fuel docks before they closed so we could refuel and ice up for the next morning.

We will be able to keep Snapper through July 17th, and I am open July 10th - 12, and 16th - 20th so if you want in on some of the fun, give us a call.

Check out the face book page for Jerry Allen for more pics from the last few trips as well as our web site

Text message and voice messages work well to contact me as I check them both on the way up the river every day.

Capt Jerry Allen

Venice Fishing Report

This may sound like a broken record, but the Tuna fishing out of Venice is as good as I have ever seen it!! The weather has temporarily put a halt to the slaughter fest we have been experiencing, but we should be back on the water Wednesday. The trips we got in before the weather went south were a BALL! We had some old, and new freinds aboard the Poco Loco. It's always great to see our old freinds and the new ones were special in that they were young familys complete with Mom, Dad, and children. Some of the children were 9- 10 years old, and they were really fun to have on the boat.

Back to the Tuna. The bite is the most insane thing I have ever seen!!!

Lots of live bait and being at the spot early in the morning are still key, but when it all comes together the bite is so crazy we don't even put baits in the water till after we live chum for a minute. After the live chum has been in the water for about 30 seconds it looks like a bomber just dropped a load of bombs 20 fteet behind the boat!! When the bombs start going off we start throwing baits with hooks into the carnage, and hook up as fast as they hit the water. We continue hooking up till we run out of anglers, and then start the dance of over, under, front, back. In general trying to do whatever it takes to keep the fish from tangeling up. I know our guests think we have lost our minds because we throw the fish staright into the ice holes or even on the deck without ever getting pics because as fast as we get the hook out we throw it back in the water with another bait on it because the fact is the bit ends pretty quick, and when it's over it's over. The good news is we normally have 8 - 12 Tuna in the boat before its over. Then we slow down a bit get some pics.

Snapper are obviously easy to get, and are good size. Most of them are running 10-15 lbs, but a few have come in pushing 30lbs.

Marlin are still on the rampage, and it seems like even if your not trying to get one you still have a good shot at tangling with one on any given day.

The only player that seems to be missing is the Dolphin. Maybe they will show after this blow.

I still have a few days during June and more in July. If you want to ride give us a call or text as the computer service in Venice is still poor, and I check voice mail and texts every day on the way back up the river.

Almost forgot!! Check face book for Jerry Allen. My youngest son / deck hand, Hunter just finished a pretty cool video. You can find it on my face book page or go to u-tube and search for "a day aboard Poco Loco"
Hope you like it, we got some video of a "sun" fish AKA mola mola.

Capt Jerry Allen

Venice Offshore Report

CRAZY GOOD!!! That pretty much describes the Tuna fishing out of Venice this past week. The fish still seem to be just about any direction you go, but each spot seems to have their differences. Some spot are absolutley covered up with 30 to 40 lb. fish while other spots have fewer fish, but the fish seem to be bigger.

It's still fishing and some days you'll be talking to yourself before finally cracking the code for the day.

Live bait continues to be frustrating as some days all it takes is 10 minutes and the bait wells are overflowing with bait, while other days 30 minutes work yeilds bait wells that are still empty.
The only common thread to whats going on with the Tuna fishing is the time you make it to your favorite spot. The earlier the better!!!

The last day we fished we elected to go to one of the big fish spots and were the second boat there, and the baits lasted about 30 seconds before being crushed by really big fish.

The next bait out got crushed before we could even get a second bait in the water, and so it went untill we hooked the last fish that took us two hours to finally get in the boat.

The Marlin are still doing their best to terrorize evry boat in sight. While we were hooked up to the last fish of the day, Capt Hunter happened to be bringing two 80 lb fish to the boat when a REALLY BIG Marlin decided he wanted a snack. With one of the Tuna at boatside, and just about to be gaffed the Marlin came out from under the boat and swallowed the 80 lb fish like it was an M&M. Then it swam over to the second fish and swallowed that one too. Capt. Will Wall was in the process of making laps around the rig pulling a 5 lb. Hardtail trying to catch this brute, when Hunter called to tell him he needed a BIGGER bait!!!

Upon returning to the dock, Capt Bill Butler returned from a day of fun fishing. He had released two of the guys in blue suits and jumped two more off. All of the fish were from the same spot!!

I don'e see how it can get any better except for the fact that Snapper season opens this Friday!!

If you want in on some of the action give us a call. I still have Sunday the 10th, and 30th open and a few more week days during the month.

My internet service is really poor in Venice so cell phone is the best way to make contact. I check for text messages and voiuce mail every day on the way back to the dock.

Capt. Jerry Allen

My wife uploaded the latest picks to face book page for Poco Loco Charters

Fishing Report

The Tuna fishing out of Venice remains as good as I have ever seen it!! There seem to be fish just about everywhere you go, although some of the are holding plenty of fish that just wont eat what we have, as they are keyed in on some really small baits.

Some things that have changed since my last report is that the fish have moved back in close, so quick days and small fuel tickets are the norm, and at one spot the fish are BIG. The last day we fished the first two baits got crushed about 30 seconds after hitting the water. The first fish up was a solid 90 lb fish and the second was 110lb. The day before, we hooked a fish that we never could stop. We finally broke him off after about 30 minutes, and most of our spool still in the Gulf. I think he chewd through the leader. The same day Capt Trey hooked a stud only to pull the hook 2 1/2 hours later, and never even got a look at the fish.
As I said early days are pretty much the norm. Some of the guys are done by 9:00 AM. The last day we fished we hit the dock at 4:00 PM with 10 Tuna and limits of
I really don't see how the fishing can get any better, except, Oh yea, I forgot,
Red Snapper season is about to open and the rip is probably going to go off big time about the same time.
Can you say blind dog in a butcher shop?

If you havn't already done it, secure a ride and get in on some of the fun.

Capt Jerry Allen

Venice Offshore Fishing Report

We just finished up a few trips after the last blow we had, and I'm happy to report the Tuna fishing is still CRAZY good. The first day back on the water was a little tough to get dialed back in due to the fact that the Tuna changed the pattern they had been in for the last several weeks. They had been in on the shelf, but with about a zillion sharks on those rigs I guess the Tuna decided to push on to deeper water. We finally figured out they had really pushed pretty far out, but when we found them there were still plenty of them to go around.
Live bait continues to be sketchy at best,so we're still trying to get live Poggies because the Tuna seem to really like them..... that is when we can find them. Somedays, we get one net full and we're gone, on other days, it's 1 hour of throwing the net and 4 Poggs in the live well. The good news is that the Tuna seem to really like red meat. The last day was the best day we had as we wound up with 12 Yellows in the ice hole, and all but a handfull were taken chunking with red meat while the others fell for poppers.

I really lucked out with the last two crews. Both crews brought so much gear that I just took all my stuff off the boat. I felt like a kid in a candy store with all of this high dollar stuff on the boat. Some of the reels I still don't know how to pronounce the name of, but really cool stuff. What's even better is that they all really knew how to use it. I pretty much kicked back and watched. The crew never stopped working. Jigging, popping, chunking, and live baiting, and several times all of this was going on at the same time!!! CRAZY!!

Marlin are still trying to steal the show. Several were caught, and again, I feel like the only one that didn't get the visit from the man in the Blue suit. Capt Lee had two... in the same day!? Capt Eddy had one that they did the Palm Beach release on, and Capt Will Wall had about a 300lb one that I'm sure you'll be seeing pics of as he said he had about a 10 minute photo shoot with the fish.

If you have the itch, load up and get to

Capt Jerry Allen

Venice Offshore Fishing Report

The Tuna fishing out of Venice remains solid most days and stellar on others. Last Wednesday the Tuna were knee deep around the cleaning tables. I didn't get to fish that day, but heard tale of several of the boats getting 15 or more. Gotta love that! Thursday through Sunday the wind cranked up again and I think by Monday everyone had thrown in the towel. Thursday through Sunday we continued to get lots of yellows although nothing like Wednesday. Five to seven Yellows seemed to be the norm, but all's good because it seemed to be an early morning bite, so while they were on the chew it was pretty fast and fun. Once they would go down we'd move inshore a bit and play with the AJ's and the random Cobia or two so the fish box's were pretty full when we'd hit the dock.

Most of us stayed in close due to the rough seas and prolific numbers of Yellow that were on the shelf. Most of the fish on the shelf are still of the smaller variety, although a few of them went over 100lb.

Capt Josh Howard chose to make the long run several days in a row and was rewarded with some REALLY nice fish. Several were over 100lbs, and all the rest were 80-90lbs. Only problem is that poor Josh seems to be several inches shorter than when he started this little Gulf walk about. Don't know how he was able to find willing particapants for the saes we were in, but more power to him!! LOL.

Keep your eyes peeled for the picks as I'm sure he'll be posting them soon. Really NICE fish.

Capt Jerry Allen

Venice Fishing Report

We were able to fish two days last week and I am pleased to report that the fishing in Venice is still CRAZY GOOD! I was a bit worried after the first front blew out as it left some pretty chilly air behind, but it didn't matter because the fish were still on the chew! My first day was a little tuff as we spent a too long making bait and the Tuna bite was about over when we finally found the fish. Not a problem, as we were still were able to manage some Yellows and a few Blacks. The guys I had were not really Tuna addicts and were more interested in a mixed bag, so we headed inshore and wore out the AJ's and managed a few Cobia to sweeten the pot.

The second day was really good! Made bait early,so we got to the spot early and the Tuna were HUNGRY! They gobbled up the livies at first, but then started going down. When they got about 150 ft. deep, we couldn't get them up any more, but Capt Eddie Burger came to the rescue by throwing us a couple of Bonita. The first couple of drifts "chunking" we were doubling up!!! GOTTA LOVE IT!! It was about then I began thinking about getting in early with everyone's limit, right? WRONG!, cause not long after we started chunking, the sharks moved in! Dog gone it.

Oh well, this crew was also interseted in a mixed bag, so we headed back for AJ's and Cobia.

The CRAZIEST thing about whats going on this year has to be the incredible number of Blue Marlin terrorizing the boats. I think we were the only boat that was not visited by the "man in the blue suit" the past couple of days.

As I said earlier, the fishing is still VERY GOOD and we still have some days left in May, as well as, this Sunday so if you want in on some of the fun just LOAD UP!!

Capt Jerry Allen

Venice Offshore Fishing Report

I seem to have lost more trips than I ran this last week,but I still managed to make it out this past Saturday and the fishing is still OFF THE CHAIN in Venice!!!

The shrimp boats are still in place, but because of the big blow last week most of them are justing getting back offshore which means most of them have no fish on them yet, and that was the case with the ones we hit on the way to the lump. I think we hit two or three boats in clean green water, but no fish under them. Capt Michael Gray was lucky enopugh to find a shrimp boat with fish on it and did very well so wont be long and all the shrimpers should be loaded up again.

Anyway, on to the lump we go and nada, zip, zero! Darn I hate it when that happens! We pointed Poco Loco South and off we went. I elected to go long and don't mind telling you I was a little hesitant because of this spots "hit or miss" tendency as of late, but when we got there we were greated by "skying" Tuna. Gotta love that! The guys we had were all from NY were all very good anglers. Most of them owned there own boats back home and did a lot of Bluefin fishing so it was great to hear of the big fish they get up that way. As I said these guys were great anglers and they wasted no time throwing poppers, and jigging. Both tactics worked well. Once we knew exactly where the fish were located we set up and started chunking. I was confident we were about to sink the boat with fish, but one drift, two drifts, and three drifts later we had no takers. With lots of fish still in the area we swiched top pulling baits, two shacky baits close and two daisy chains with birds on them long and two guys in the front of the boat armed with poppers for the unlucky fish that came too close. We started picking fish up and then sveral other boats showed up and things really slowed so my guys voted to try and make live bait. We spent about 30 minutes trying to make bait and got one. We set back up and sent the live bait out and were going to start chunking as well, but about 45 seconds after the livie hit the water the line satrted screaming! This was a nice solid Yellow, but the guys made short work of him, and in no time he was in the ice hole and we were back trying for more bait. Picked up one more bait and fed him to a hungry Cuda. Darn it I hate that.

We finished up the day with 8 Yellows and headed for the barn feeling pretty good about the day and actually thinking we may be among the top boats of the day, but then I get back to find out Capt Josh Howard had 12, and Eddy Burger had 12 or 13. Way to go guys! Best news is that the fish seem to be pretty much everywhere. Eddy was in close, and several other guys were in close and were oppisite sides of the river, but all did well. Josh and I both went long and the fish were there also.

I can't help but think this is going to be a VERY GOOD year for us in Vnice as things just keep looking better.

Capt Jerry Allen

Spring 2012 Fishing Report

Just finished up three days in Venice and the fishing continues to be CRAZY GOOD!!
Friday we had a mixed crew, but most of them were from Miss. These guys were a ball and have fished in Venice lot's, but they were amazed when we got to the lump to see the fishing better than any time they had been before. The lines never stopped screaming and it was always something different pulling on them. We wound up with a limit of big
AJ's, a mess of bee-liners, three Yellows 40-80lbs and too many Blackfin to count. Crazy thing is that during most of the day we had a school of chicken dolphin and ballyhoo around us?

Saturday we had a young man with his dad and grand dad with him. This family has also fished with us before so they were used to what Venice has to offer. Or at least they thought they new what to expect that is untill we pulled up to a shrimp boat?

Yep, shrimp boats this time of year? At any rate these guys went to work on the insane numbers of Blackfin in the water, and in no time the boat looked like a slaughter house!
At one point two lines got cut off and I was thinking it's kind of weird with Kings behind a shrimp boat then Paul, the young man hooked one of the culprits. A BIG FAT Wahoo!!!
We finished the day with 27 Blacks, a few peanut Yellows and a nice Hooter.

Sunday we had another experienced crew from NY and Washington. Same deal, head out to the secret spot and run across another shrimp boat. Lines in then water and lines start screaming. Then we saw some BIG Yellows in or slick and managed to hook one of them. fought him for the best part of an hour. everyone on the boat had a turn with him at least once, and I think the rod made it's way around twice. Anyway we finally stick a nice Yellow about 130lb. The shrimp boat is out of site, but the fish are still under us!! Crazy! We put more lines in the water and can't seem to manage anything but Blacks so we decide to make or way to the lump. We made one drift and picked up another nice Yellow and during the fight a small
Marlin just starts swimming around our boat. We tried to feed him some chunks, but he just wasn't interested. With no room in the ice holes for fish we headed for a Wahoo spot to top off the day. Capt Eddie Burger had beaten us to the spot and was already hooked up so out go the shacky baits and round and round we go, and nada. About 30 minutes later Capt Eddy calls and says you gota come see this. Turns out the fish Eddy hooked was no Wahoo. it was a 176 lb Yellow he had hooked on an X-Rap!?! The only thing crazier than that was that he had only hooked it with one hook through the upper lip?!?! I don't know how he gets through airport security with all those horse shoes stuck up his A#@.

We pointed Poco Loco North and headed for home.

The fishing has REALLY been CRAZY GOOD lately. If you want in on some of the action give us a call.

Capt Jerry Allen

Fishing Report

It's hard to believe, but November is here, and with it are things like Duck season, Deer season and the holidays. All is well!!

With all that's going on and with the onslaught of some really rough seas coming in the winter we thought it would be a perfect time to put Poco Loco up for the year.
We have had a GREAT year! Lots of fish and lots of fun with some really neat people from all over this great country of ours, but now its time to spend some time with the family and do some serious duck hunting. The first three days of the season have been awesome with limits all three days of mostly gray ducks and Pintail with a few teal thrown in for good measure. We have even had some Specks wich are always a nice treat.
We will be hunting through January and I'll keep a close eye on the weather and the fish. If the fish and weather cooperate we may start back after them as early as February. Last year February and March were OFF THE CHAIN with zillions of small Yellows in the 20-40 lb range out there for the taking. It's never happened before that I can remember, but if it happens again I will be sending out an e-mail begging for someone to book a trip. If it's like it is most years though the weather and fishing will stay pretty bad until maybe April, but for sure by May we will be hard at it with lots of fish ready to eat.
For all that fished with us THANKS A MILLION!!! We had a ball, and we hope you did to. For those that didn't get to ride with us this year we hope to see you in the year coming.
Happy holidays to all, and I hope everyone gets to spend plenty of time with loved ones!
Capt Jerry Allen

Fishing Report

Monday and Tuesday the Tuna fishing was about as good as it gets, but then came Wednesday and it went OFF THE CHAIN!!!

The only problem I have is that I did not get to participate in the action Tuesday or Wednesday as I had no trips! Wednesday the fish were behind the shrimp boats like they should have been for the last several days,and they were there with a vengience. Most every boat came back with lots of fish and congrats to Capt Eddie Burger for his 198lb. Yellow.

The fishing the past several days has really been good. An example of that is Capt Will Wall left the dock at noon Monday, and ran six miles out and in no time had a 150lb Yellow in the boat. He said he was in site of the light house the whole time they were fighting the fish.

Seems like the shrimpers have finally been able to stay offshore long enough for all the Tuna to find them and with this next front only lasting a couple of days, and not getting too awfull rough I think the shrimpers will stay in place and keep attracting more Tuna!!
I am way excited to get back on the water for a little pay back as I said earlier I misseed out on all but one of the best days. We fished Friday through Monday with mixed results. We had a couple good days with Blacks ready to eat anything we fed them and we wound up with a couple of Yellows, although we never had one go over a 100lb. All in all throw in a couple of
AJ's and some Scamp and all is good.

This front should be out of here and hopefully we will be back on the water by Wednesday. I have Friday open so if anyone wants a shot at a really big Yellow give me a call.

Capt Jerry Allen

Fishing Report

Crazy weather!!!

Man has it been tough trying to pick the gaps between these fronts!

It looks like from Friday on we should have REALLY GOOD weather, and the fishing has still been good when we have been able to go. The shrimp boats are still in place with Blackfin and
Yellowfin on them, and the Cobia are beginning to play. I would bet after this next front the Cobia will be in full swing!

If you want to get in on some of the fun I have a few days left In October so give us a call!

Capt Jerry Allen

Shrimp Boat Season

Gotta LOVE shrimp boat season!!!

The shrimp boats are here and the BIG Yellows are starting to show up. So far the largest one was brought to the dock by Capt Eric Newman this past Monday and weighed in at 219lb wich is probably 100lbs more than the angler, Monique!! Congrats to Eric and Monique. Several other big fish have hit the dock this last week. Capt Scott came in with a 190 something followed by Capt Mike Gray with a 160 something and Captain Eddie had a 170 something Tuesday.

Lots of Balcks in the mixs well. Tuesday we had 23 Blackfin and had a STUD of a Yellow on ourselves but lost him due to a frayed leader. The action had been so fast I forgot to remind our anglers to check there leaders before sending them back out for another fish. You can BET that will be the last time I forget that!!

With the next cold front coming I can't help but think more and more BIG Yellows will be showing up so if you want a shot at a REALLY BIG Yellow give us a call. Now is the time!!!

Capt Jerry Allen

Offshore Report

The Tuna fishing remains very good in Venice. I wasn't sure what to expect after the tropical storm kept us off the water for about a week, but what we found was GOOD! The Tuna were still hungry and seemed to have gotten bigger. Most of the fish that were hitting the dock were over 80lbs. with several over 100lbs. The last day wer fished we had two over 100lb, and the others were all over 80lb. The only other thing that was a little crazy was the way the fish were fighting. Almost every fish we caught took off straight away from the boat and stayed high in the water? We would take off after the fish trying to run it down, fully expecting to see a Marlin jump only to wind up a big Tuna at the end of the fight. Different but fun!!

The last day we fished we had another crazy thing happen. We had a Mako a couple hundred yards from the boat just lose his mind and start free jumping!? He must have made a dozen or more jumps? CRAZY!

Looking forward to getting back on the water as we have some old freinds coming for a few days, and I can't wait to get them on the BIG fish that are areound now.

I am also excited by a report that Catain Eric gave me. Seems that Sunday he found a spot COVERED up with
Grouper and no Red Snapper to fight through!! He said he had Snowy, Yellow Edge, and a Warsaw. Can't wait!!

Capt Jerry Allen

After getting blown out Saturday and thinking Sunday was going to be the same way we left the dock a little later than normal praying that the seas would lay just a little.

I had the pleasure of having Capt "One Eye" crewing for me, and we decided that we should
get our
AJ's first hoping for the seas to lay. We made bait in no time and rolled into AJ land.
"One Eye" put the first live one on, sent it down about 150 ft, and about 30 seconds later we were on!!

After putting this AJ in the boat we reset and 30 seconds later we were on again!! Things are looking good for sure especially when we were not sure we would even get off shore. With our limit of AJ's on the boat we headed offshore in search of
Tuna. We had our plans on where we were going to go but they when we ran into wall of Frigates it was pretty obvious something was up. We hung out under the Frigates with a live well full of baits and waited. It didn't take long and Tuna were all around us busting "crack". One Eye and I both put baits in the water, and they both got CREAMED! One pulled loose and the other went in the ice hole!

We stayed with the Frigates and the Tuna till it was time to go.

We wound up with 5 Yellows and 3 -4 Blacks. Lots of fun and a great ride home. The seas finally laid down and we were able to run home at 45 MPH.

Picks will come later!

Capt Jerry Allen

Offshore Report

The fishing in Venice this past week remains VERY GOOD!!

Tuna have moved back in close so we don't have the long runs to make anymore so that's nice. The only problem is that even though they are close they tend to move around a lot. The rig that was hot yesterday is barren today, but if you keep moving around you can find them. Some days the problem was not finding them, but trying to figure out what they wanted to eat. We would try to make sure we had "crack", threads, and chunk before we got on them because some days they were VERY particular.

Something that is kind of neat is the LARGE number of peanuts that are around. Lot's of peanuts, and lot's of Bonito can always equate to fast and fun top water action. After everyone gets enough of that early top water action we will pull farther off the rig and put the live baits out for the big boys. Most of the bigger fish are still 50-70 lbs, but the last day we fished we put five big fatty's in the boat by noon with the biggest going over 100lb and the other four were over 70lbs.

The past couple of days we would quit Tuna fishing by noon because our guest's had all they wanted, and then we would go get on the
Mangroves getting extremely fast limits. I guess we laid off of them some time back and they have short memories because they are fast and furious with no need for chumming.

The only down side to what's going on in Venice is the
AJ's have been tough. Seem's like the commercial boys cleaned them out while the AJ season was closed for recreational fisherman, but with the Mangrove 's and Tuna on the chew all boats are coming back with nice box's of fish.

If you want in on the fun I have Friday and Sunday open.

Capt Jerry Allen

Fishing Reports

The Tuna fishing in Venice continues to be very good, although it's still Tuna fishing and far from automatic. Some days they are absent from places that we killed them at the day before. Other days we roll into a spot that is covered up with Tuna only to have them swim by our baits and show us there middle fin on the way by, but it seems like if you keep changing spots and techniques you can eventually crack the code for that day.

Something that's going on that normally happens this time of year is that a lot of the fish move out into open water. I don't know why they do it for sure, but I know there are small pods of bait in open water heading for parts unknown and when the Tuna find them it's GAME ON!!! Lot's of fun and some days it's about the easiest Tuna fishing to be had. Just find the Frigates and wait. Sooner or later the Tuna come up and they aren't scared of anything. They get real competitive and will allow you to drive right in the middle of them and hand feed them. It's really a cool deal. Kind of like chasing specks under the birds only these specks are 70-100 lbs and fight like a Mule!!

We did an overnighter the other night, and I forgot how much fun that can be. The Yellowfin bite wasn't happening during the night, but the Blackfin are always willing to play, our customers had a BALL with these tasty little tid bits.We had doubles, triples and quadruples most of the night and our people were giggling and laughing like a bunch of kids. Good fun for sure!!

It wont be much longer and the really BIG Yellows will show up, and all the suumer time light tackle stuff will have to come off the boat only to be replaced by the big guns.

If you want in on the fun give us a call!

Capt Jerry Allen

Fishing Reports

I'll try to brief, but in a nutshell the past four days have been MORE than "just a little crazy"! Several "first's" and lots of craziness.

The first three days we were to have "team Amigo" on board to fish the Faux Pas Invitational. In short these guys were GREAT!!! Great chemistry, each individual strength complimented the other team members, and the team leader, Glen was the glue that kept us all together. Sounds like a group of guys that have fished together for life right? Well come to find out they had never meet one another until the night before the tournament!!!

We were entered in the inshore and offshore division which meant we needed to get Tuna, Wahoo, and Dorado for the offshore and Cobia, Mangrove, and King for the inshore which shouldn't be a problem since we have three days to do it in right? Well we had this storm named Don that was due to enter the Gulf The first morning so every forecast had BIG seas predicted for the first two days. Every forecast except one. Impact weather showed a very small window that said we could make it to Tuna land early the first morning if we were prepared to pay for it big time on the way home. Well Team Amigo elected to GO FOR IT. We left early and had a great ride for a while, then it started getting bad. By the time we got to Tuna land it was easy four to six and getting bigger. I checked XM Weather and The storm had indeed entered the Gulf but had a projected path heading straight to Brownsville. GREAT, get the lines in the water. Never got two baits set as the Tuna were on the chew! The only problem was we had these bands of weather that kept coming through that were getting STRONGER with every passing band. The last band was packing 50-60 MPH winds and raining so hard you couldn't see the front of the boat. Deck hand Hunter asked me to please check the XM weather as he was sure we were on a collision course with a hurricane. I assured him the storm was heading for Brownsville but checked it anyway. OH CRAP!!! It was heading right for us!! The cursor showed we were 209 miles from the EYE of the STORM!!! TIME TO GO!! For Safety's sake (WHAT?) we decided to run back with Capt Mike Gray. The plan was to stay in visual and radio contact with one another, the only problem was that with the 12 footers that we were running in Mike's boat was out of site most of the time. We finally made it back to the West Delta and the seas had gone down to 4-5 .With plenty of time we figured it would be a great time to get our Mangroves. Later that day we weighed in and had the 2nd place Tuna and 3rd place Mangrove. Not bad for day one.

Day two we had no hope of making it to Tuna land so we went East in pursuit of Kings and Cobia. Team member "Sir Jigsalot" promptly put a King in the boat and we all cheered for joy!? It's just a "little crazy" to scream for a King. Later that day with no Cobia on the boat we went into the two minute drill, and yep, we found our shrimp boat on the way home with Mr Cobia under it! We weighed in the number two Cobia for day two.

Day three the seas went down a little so with Doarado and Wahoo still needed, and a bigger Tuna we set off for Tuna land. We pulled up to the automatic spot and the Tuna were EVERYWHERE!!! Great right? Well we couldn't make them eat? We down sized to 40lb leader and #5 hooks, still no takers. If we aren't supposed to catch Tuna today then the Lord must have something else in store for us so we set out to find out what that would be. Didn't know where I was going for sure, just going. Sure enough we came across a BEAUTIFUL line! GREAT! We still needed our Dorado and Wahoo. Baits in the water and the Dorado started coming aboard. All we need now is our Wahoo. That was not to happen, but the man in the blue suit showed up and in less than 30 minutes team Amigo had 175 lb Blue Marlin alongside the Poco Loco!!! With no time on the clock it was time to head back to the dock. When we returned we found that we had the only Blue Marlin in the tournament!!! GREAT!!! Well later some one else said they had one too. After careful review of both teams photos and video the tournament directors decide to flip a coin for first place.. WHAT??? That's just a little crazy? Coin was tossed, we lost so I guess we got second.

Day four, with the tournament over we were back to regular work with a new crew from Alabama. Great crew. Two Dads that were brothers and there children. Three young women and one young man. All of them including the young women were great anglers.

We meet at the dock at 5:00 AM and were preparing to head for the "automatic" Tuna spot when Capt One Eye pulled up alongside and asked which way we were going. " Is there really a decision?" I asked. That's when he informed me that the "automatic" Tuna spot was being towed to Texas and was probably half way there by now. WHAT??? That's CRAZY!!! He told me that after I left the day before they hooked onto it and were heading for Texas. Dang it I hate that when that happens!!

No problem. Took off in another direction to see what we could find. First stop we ran to was pretty dead but still managed to double up. Only this double was kind of crazy. One was a Bull Dorado and one was a stud of a Yellow. After that little flurry everything went dead so we headed for our second stop. Doubled up again. Again, one Bull Dolphin and one Tuna. Crazy. Then the Ship we were pulling them out from under pulled off from the rig and left?!! Can we catch a break? We caught some more Dorado and could have caught a lot more but both dads elected for another Tuna run so off we went. Next stop we decided to pull baits because Carley really wanted a Marlin. Second pass and BANG. Marlin on!!! The man in the blue suit didn't stick around for long though because he was only bill rapped. Oh well, they got a show anyway.

With no Tuna around this spot we headed back to the dock with a nice box of fish. We got back only to find Capt George at the cleaning table with nine Tuna. Come to find out Capt One Eye was mistaken, the automatic Tuna spot was still there. WHAT???!!! That's just CRAZY!!

Didn't I say I was going to brief? Sorry bout that. In a nutshell you GOTTA LOVE VENICE!!!

If you want in some of the fun, just give us a call.

I'm going to try to enclose some pics. Enjoy.

Capt Jerry Allen

Gotta Love Venice!!

Made 3 trips this last weekend with old friends and high hopes of tangling with some of the 200lb Yellowfin that had been tormenting our waters for the past couple of weeks, but as luck would have it some really crappy water moved in and moved out our Big Tuna. Not a problem though as we still had plenty of really BIG sharks and tons of Bonita left behind the shrimp boats that were all too eager to pull on our lines. Sharks and Bonita are fun to catch but we were still looking for something to put in the ice hole for supper and the lovely thing about Venice is that if one species doesn’t want to play there are always others willing to participate. I our case we still had plenty of Cobia that wanted to ride with us as well as easy limits of AJ’s and Red Snapper!!

Only time will tell what the long term effects on the oil spill will be in regards to our fishery, but the short term effect seems to be the best thing that could have ever happened to us. The Cobia, Snapper and AJ that we played with recently all seemed to be considerably larger in both size and number that normal!!

I have a few other trips coming us for the weekend of the 12th, but if you would like to go let me know because this will be the end of the year for the Poco Loco. After these trips she’s going to the beauty shop to get a beautified and new set of engines so she will be ready to go in style come 2011.

God Bless!
Capt. Jerry Allen

Fishing Reports

Hey Guys!
I am writing on behalf of Captain Jerry due to the fact that he is still out there helping to clean up the gulf.

I have a few notes that he wanted me to relay to you.

1. He is still alive and working with BP cleaning things up.

2. He has met some really super nice people.

3. The fishing in the gulf is better than ever.

I will beep trying to post updated here until he returns.

Thanks Guys.

Fishing Reports

Sorry it took so long to respond. On the way to get the boat, BP called and put me to work. I just got off a 10 day stretch and will be off for five to ten days, then I should be put back to work for and ten days. I don’t know for sure as every day is a new day and they are making it ups as they go. At any rate as long as there is hope for me assisting in the cleanup / prevention work I will stay in Venice and try to help. The good news is the BP is doing a VERY GOOD job of trying to fix the mess. They have hired just about every boat in the area. Charter boats, air boats, shrimp boats and flat boats, they have them all. The cleanup / prevention effort is VERY WELL organized and a tremendous amount of work is being done to try to minimize the effect of oil coming ashore. Booms are in place, booms that have washed up into the march during previous storms are being recovered and being redeployed into the areas in need, isolated pockets of oil that is washing up is being immediately cleaned up. Shrimpers acting as skimming vessels are doing their best to clean up pockets of oil before it ever hits the marsh. All in all I think BP and all of the workers should get a gold star. The day before I came home my team recovered seven shrimp boats full of boom and if I had to bet I would bet that it has already been redeployed. Too bad the media wasn’t around to video the effort that went into recovering all that boom. Our boat, four airboats, three flat boats full of workers that hit the beach and dug up the boom, and seven shrimp boats to haul it back to the dock where it was decontaminated, repaired and redeployed. More good news is that the river is high and every pass in the Delta is blowing water out into the gulf, thus pushing the oil away from us. The bad news is that the river is dropping every day. In could of weeks it will get low enough that we will begin to get tides again. The Delta will breathe in and out every day and bring with it the oil. As long as I am allowed to help I will stay and do my part.

Please continue to pray for us.

Capt. Jerry

Fishing Reports

What a crazy week!! Started off in the middle of last week with several trips to run and most of the spots that we like to go to were open for fishing, but as the week grew on the Feds continued to expand the fish zones. By the first part of this week those fish zones had expanded to the point that 100% of the areas we like to fish were. The really sad thing is that the fishing was RIDICULOUSLY GOOD. The Tuna where all over the place and hungry. The chicken Dolphin where all over the place, and we ran into a nice school of Bull Dolphin that was interrupted by about a 300lb Blue Marlin which we hooked and had on for a few minutes un till he landed on the 60 lb Flouro leader. The craziest thing about the ever expanding fish zones appear to be moving South and Southwest, and there is no oil in site!!! We would run through a little tiny bit from 3-7 miles out of South Pass and never see a hint of it again. The Satellite images Show the oil to still be off to the East and what little movement I am seeing is East and North East.

Our plans are to stay AND FISH IN VENICE, at least for now. Green Canyon is still wide open, and there are 3 spots just West of Innovator, the furthest spot that is in the closed zone. I think we will need to plan on primarily run 24 hour trips, leaving about 2:00- 3:00 in the afternoon and returning the following day. This would allow us to get bait on the way and be in Green Canyon for the evening and early night bite, both of which has to be witnessed to believe. The morning bite is equally impressive.

I thought about moving to Cocodrie, as we would have access to Cobia, Grouper, Snapper as well as have about an equal distance to Tuna land as we would have out of Venice. I spoke with the owner of the Marina in Cocodie and he told me that BP had taken over the Marina, Restaurant and lodging facility's.

The only other option is Pecan Island, and I am still working on that for the inshore species, but with the TOTAL LACK of infrastructure I just don't really seeing that happening, but there is still hope.

From Venice we still have Lodging even if we have to resort to putting everyone in my camp and we still have a place to get food and fuel, and if you’re brave enough to make the run to the canyon you will NEVER forget it. It should be illegal!!!

Keep praying that they plug the hole.

As a side note I was digging through the Bible the other night and came across the 16 chapter of Revelation. It said something about the “second angel poured its bowl out on the sea and it turned red like that of a dead man and every living thing in it died.

God bless!
Capt Jerry Allen

Hunter Graduates from High School this weekend and at the end of Summer he'll be going to Baylor

Oil Spill & Tuna Fishing

I am sure everyone is aware of the oil spill in the Gulf, but what you may not be aware of is that the Tuna fishing is INSANE!! The Feds closed fishing on the East side of the river, but we can still fish out South and Southwest and it seems that there are Tuna everywhere and they are eating everything. Poppers, live bait and there newest bait of choice the man of war fish.

Everything in Venice is as usual except for about a hundred media people that are hanging around hoping to get a shot of an oil soaked bird. Other than that you really can't tell that there is a problem in the Gulf. No odor, no sign of oil. I don't know if the Feds will ever decide to shut us down South or Southwest, but un till then we are still running and praying that BP will fix the problem.

I had the good fortune to run a few trips last week and really can't ever remember a time when the fishing was better. It wasn't just that we had the “hot hand” as every other Captain that had the good fortune of making it out did equally as well. Captain Eddy picked up nine Yellowfin one day and Capt Michael and Captain Peace both had twelve on another day.

This oil spill is really a bad deal, but sitting around worrying about it won’t fix a thing. The fact is that the fishing is as good as it can get, and it seems to me that you really should get in on some of it while you can! If you want to get in on the action, give me a call.

Thanks and God bless!

Captain Jerry

Spring is Here!

Spring has sprung!!

What a way for spring to start off! The tuna seem to everywhere. It doesn't seem to matter which direction you run or how far you run there are Tuna EVERYWHERE! The fish are only 30-50lbs, but lots of them. Most of them are being taken on TOP WATER baits. Gotta love that!

Grouper season opened a couple of weeks ago, and if you can get through all the endangered Red Snapper there are plenty of Scamps to be had along with a few Gags and the occasional Warsaw. A friend of mine went bottom fishing opening weekend and had to release a 30lb plus #160;Red Snapper. They don't know the weight because it bottomed out the 30 pound scale they had on board! There is already a nice rip forming up out to the west that is full of little flying fish so the big bull Dolphin can't be too far away. Capt Beach already caught two Blue Marlin and the good news just keeps rolling in!!!

Snapper season is set to open June first, but it looks like they may close it mid July if you can believe that.

Spring is here and before we can blink this summer will be gone. If you haven't already claimed your spot on the Poco Loco hurry up and do so.

I have a few open days coming up that may be of interest. Friday April 30th and Sunday May 2nd. Let me know if you want a ride.

Capt Jerry

Fishing Reports

The good news is that the Tuna showed up last week with a vengeance!! One of the guys made it to the new spot Tuesday and was rewarded with 7 Yellowfin! Thursday some of the boats made it out in really nasty seas but still got the Tuna. Friday was the day. Warm flat calm waters brought lots of Tuna. Peace had the best day with 7 Yellows…. one weighing as much as 190lbs. The other boats had 3 to 5 Yellows weighing in at 100 -150lbs. The high point of this report is a 731 lb. catch of the day by that James Peters. Good job James!!

The bad news came Saturday with a different story. With a powerful cold front on its way dropped the pressure and drove the Tuna to vacate the area. Josh Howard had the only Yellowfin of the day. A couple more pulled hooks and broke off 150lb at the side of the boat as the first bait was sent down. On a better note, we still had none-stop action with Kings and Bonita.

My crew finally realized that the tuna had no plans to show up and decided to make the best of things, so they got the spinning rods out and started throwing poppers. The Kings really put on a show!! Some of them were coming out of the water 20 feet!

We stopped on the way back home and grabbed our Amberjacks and went back to the house.

I think that the Tuna will turn back our way once we get some warm weather and higher pressure for a few consecutive days.

The Tuna fishing is still hit or miss but if you hit it on the right day you'll be VERY GLAD you were there!

I forgot to mention that there was a 798 lb. Mako weighed in on Saturday. Sunday due to high 30 knot winds we decided not to fish.

I have this Friday and Sunday open if anyone wants to give it a try.

God bless!
Capt Jerry

Good News Bad News

The good news is that the Tuna finally showed up again. The bad news? Well after 2 weeks of nonexistent Tuna action and weather reports that looked like we would get our head handed to us… I canceled trips for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You guessed it, the weather was good and the fishing was even better!! The Tuna weren't there in big numbers but the ones that showed had BIG NUMBERS when they weighed in. Most of the fish were 150lbs. and up.A few were over 200lb.The Wahoo finally showed up as well, as a matter of fact they showed up in pretty good numbers I guess that's what I get for trying to be straight with my people… Guess I should have just let everyone come on down like planned…..cause the fishing was great… but NOT!! I just can't do that to my customers. One group was coming from Tennessee and the other a bunch good guys from Mississippi, both groups fish with me every year.

Oh well, some days you’re the bug, some day’s you’re the windshield.

It looks like the feds have finally settled on the opening day of Snapper season and wait for it …..wait for it….the big day is June 1 st. If you don't know, Poco Loco Charters has the hard to get and insanely expensive reef permits. Yes!! I am so ready. So claim your dates NOW!!!

The winter Tuna bite should remain good through the end of March so if you have the “itch” give me a call or drop me a line.

I wish you all the best of luck on the waters, be safe and God bless!

Capt. Jerry Allen