Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fishing Report

We're still alive and doing well. Our boat's and camp are all good, and we finally got back on the water this past weekend. The shrimp boats are in place and they are holding some fish.... just not many Yellowfin. In two days of fishing, Capt Lee's 150lb Yellowfin was the one and only Yellowfin caught!? The boats seemed to have plenty of Bonita, Sharks, and a hand full of Blackin, but the only ones that seemed to be hungry were the Sharks. I hate it when that happens!

Saturday was so rough we really couldn't run farther than the boats , and after working them over for more than long enough we ran back into the relative safety of the West Delta and spent the rest of the day fishing for AJ's and Cobia. The AJ's were easy and hungry. Gotta love em!

The Cobia were around, but not in big numbers. I think we went 4 for 5 the first day, but those numbers should really improve, along with the shrimp boat fishing as soon as the coming cool fronts to drop the water temp.

Sunday the water was much better. We started the day off chasing the shrimp boats again (slow learners) with not much better luck than the day before. We had a couple of Blackfin in the box when we headed South. Not much better luck out that way either. I was on the radio with the other Captains , and it seemed like we were all trying to figure out where all the Yellowfin had gone to. We found out when we got back to the dock. Seemed like Capt. Willy B nailed them to the wall!! I was really glad to see them, just wished they would have been on my boat. I guess thats what happens when no ones been on the water for two weeks. The good news is that from here out we should be able to stay on them, and it wont be loing before the shrimp boats start paying off. Cant wait!!
Give us a call if you have the itch.

Capt Jerry Allen

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