Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gotta Love Venice

Gotta love Venice!!

We just finished up with a few days of fishing, and the last day was truly insane!!

The first couple of days were good, as we were finding plenty of Blacks,
AJ's, and the occasional Yellow, but Sunday just went off. We started the day off like usual, chasing the mobile FAD's, and finding plenty of Blacks. It didn't take too long before we had about all the Blacks we wanted, so we decided to take a lunch break. We were just drifting around, enjoying the day when I happened to look at the sounder. WOW!! We had fish all under the boat! We started feeding them, and the Blacks came up really fast, and then the Yellows showed. Lots of them, and all of them BIG!!! We put one bait out, and a Yellow swallowed it up. The crazy thing was that during the fight, all the other fish that had decided to live under our boat just followed us around. After putting the first one in the boat we started feeding the fish again, and yep, the Yellows were still there. Hooked another and followed him around , while all his buddies stayed with us. We put him in the boat and satrted the whole process over again, hooked another, and yep, the rest of them followed us. CRAZY!

About half way through the fight the XM weather alarm went off, telling us we had a front coming with 60 MPH winds, lightning, and hail so after getting our last little friend in the boat we headed North, leaving all our other new found freinds behind.

We wound up the day with 3 Yellows all over a 100lb, with the largest weighing in at 188lb. not to mention all the Blacks from earlier in the day.

The coolest thing came when we got back to the dock, only to find that everyone got on them. Capt Eddie had 2 over 100 lb with his largest going 224 lb, Capt Peace had one about 170lb, and Capt Bret had one about 150 lb!!

All in all we had 7 giant Yellows laying on the dock and it was 2:00 PM!!
Gotta love Venice.

Capt Jerry Allen

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